• Peters Square

  • Factory Lane

  • Common Area

West Village is an iconic new global neighbourhood

West End, Brisbane

Embodying the aspirations set by the community & committed to by the project team, these key moves aim to celebrate West Village as the centre of community life in West End.

1 Embrace Boundary St

Boundary St has long been the centre of life in West End.

Opening up the site & embracing Boundary St will create a seamless extension of the public realm allowing its High Street to expand into a lush, sub-tropical community heart at West Village.

2 Maximise Open Space

West Ender’s & Brisbane urbanites relish in their relaxed outdoor lifestyle.

Re-imagining the precinct as a cathedral in the round – with two striking heritage buildings surrounded by open public space. Places to sit, gather, relax and celebrate local events – in lush sub- tropical gardens with views to our big blue sky.

3 Celebrate Pedestrian Connections

Extending through the site with unique laneways, paths, squares & stairs

Understanding the character of West End & heritage fabric of the site, each of the 6 laneway connections is celebrated to create a series of unique experiences which connect West End.

4 Reinterpret The Site’s Existing Hill

Cascading public realm which appropriates the ridge line & natural fall across the precinct.

A precinct landscape that reinterprets the existing hill – framing views, reinstating green, providing a landscape of discovery. ‘The Steps’ becoming West End’s own Spanish Steps, a place to meet, sit, watch the world go by.

5 Benchmark Sub-Tropical Gardens

In an area with beloved parks & riverscapes, this is West End’s central urban garden.

With people and public space at the fore, West Village will provide West End with benchmark sub-tropical landscapes, a series of continuous green corridors through the precinct and a lush, garden setting for West End’s heart.

The masterplan seeks to create 9 new public spaces:

6 New Laneways

  • Factory Lane, Gun Shop Lane, Little Jane Lane, Mollison Lane, Peters Lane, Wilson Lane

With newly restored industrial edges, Factory lane picks up the industrial aesthetic and becomes WV’s chic, authentic working lane. Think Flinders Lane Melbourne – small bars, up & coming restaurants, gallery openings which spill onto the laneway at night. It’s flexible design allows for markets, festivals, temporary events- Factory Lane is the spine WV’s laneway events spill from.